On the Way Home


On the Way Home 

by Yuu Mizuki 

At night on my way home, 

I now have a habit of stopping by the railroad tracks and looking up at the sky 

Tokyo night sky is so bright 

and I can only count few stars 

As I listen to the trains pass by 

I reflect on how 

in my faraway hometown, stars abound in the sky 

(The light on earth has ceased 

all built things washed away 

many souls have departed 

and countless tears have been shed) 

A moonless night 

where spring is slipping away 

I look for faint starlight 

and ponder upon things that were lost 

Even so, the wind blows 

waves wash up 

trees start to bud and grow into lush green 

Even so, the stars shine 

and dawn comes 

Even so, people live on 

and tears turn to smiles 

In the morning, by this railroad track 

skylarks sing 

and dogwood flowers are starting to bloom  

Hydrangea might also blossom soon


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